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ייצוג וייעוץ

ייצוג חברות בינלאומיות וייעוץ לחברות הנדסה ולחברת החשמל.

Our system includes:
  • Advanced cellular technology NB IoT
  • Wireless technology that combines RF with PLC
  • Internet software that enables the production of bills and the creation of an energy balance according to the regulator’s requirements
  • Too Good To Be True – a mobile application for personal energy efficiency that enables daily monitoring of electricity consumption

We have gained experience installing over 80 smart metering projects in the last twenty years, including hybrid and cellular-based communication networks and meters compliant with European international standard. The systems we have developed are currently installed in kibbutzim, industry, campuses and hospitals. 

Our systems are tailored to the needs of our different customers:
Kibbutzim – Our system is the only one in Israel adapted to the kibbutz sector.
  • The Internet-based management system is simple to operate and meets all the Electricity Authority’s requirements.
  • The system addresses a variety of requirements: different types of consumers, customers with double identification – budget and pricing, reduced or split meters and also provides an energy balance for complex solar systems, net system and tariff systems. All this without the need to upgrade or replace the existing metering systems.
Private MicroGrid (such as municipalities, universities and commercial complexes):
  • Proper energy management allows for a uniform front with private electricity producers and maximizes the authority’s electricity tariff.
  • Upgrade or replacement of existing metering systems.
  • Adding lighting management systems based on the light fixture or a local lighting switchboard.