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Sigmatec Energy specializing in the management of electricity suppliers and distributors. 
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Sigmatec Energy Efficiency is a private technology company specializing in the management of electricity suppliers and distributors.
Many years of experience in our field have led us develop a fully automated system that meets the needs of the distributor/supplier in everything related to the integration of renewable energy in the existing electricity network and reporting to the authorities.
Our professional team consists of software engineers, hardware engineers and electrical engineers, all experienced in electricity and regulation. We individually tailor the appropriate solution for each customer: setting up independent networks (MicroGrid), implementing metering systems, building energy balances, producing billing according to Regulatory requirements, production of IEC affidavits for solar systems as well as assistance in financial management and the establishment of business plans.
Sigmatec currently manages about 45 microgrid sites in Israel, in the industry and kibbutzim, and that’s just the beginning…

Our team

Our team has many years of experience in energy management and the development of hybrid communication systems in the control and metering domains.
Our team consists of field personnel with extensive professional knowledge and experience, which allow us to provide practical solutions to complex situations and repair an existing problem without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Our expertise

Partnership and/or management of electricity distributors

Regulation-oriented management of electricity distributors in the kibbutz sector:

  • Interface to the existing metering system
  • Renewal and validation of the database
  • Production of invoices according to the guidelines of the Electricity Authority for kibbutz members, businesses and consumers with solar systems
  • Building and presenting an energy balance - Including multiple producers and consumers

Solar Ac Management of the distributing end in Solar Systems

Computerized reporting and control system for electricity distributors:

  • Real-time control of production systems and of the issuance of comparison reports
  • Financial balance between the electricity distributor and the solar entrepreneur
  • Production of automated declarations for the Electricity Authority and the Electric Company

Additional domains

In addition to our specialization in electricity distribution,
we also provide ancillary services in the field of energy
MicroGrid systems
Construction of MicroGrid systems that combine management, creation of energy balance and generation of electricity bills according to the guidelines of the Electricity Authority.
Many years of experience in the field have led to developing a unique and advanced system for managing electricity distributors and suppliers – for kibbutzim and private microgrids.
250 Emek HaEla, Modi’in




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manager and owner

Amichai Ankor

Has many years of experience in energy management systems in the kibbutz sector and the industry.

technological development

Ivzan Maliyach

Mechanical engineer, with knowledge and experience in developing different types of systems

Project manager and field person

Aviem Amos

Electrical engineer with experience in assemblies and automation.

Software Engineer

Leonid Vilenchik

Has unique expertise in energy management systems, and converting regulation to automation.

Hardware Engineer

Archil Firmishvili

Expert in the field of renewable cellular communications NB-IoT.

Microgrid Director

Ofer Miller

Expert in the Electricity Authority regulation, CFO of kibbutzim.

Electrical Engineer

Elad Biar

Has experience working with complex electric panels, high voltage and low voltage projects.

Our system includes:
  • Advanced cellular technology NB IoT
  • Wireless technology that combines RF with PLC
  • Internet software that enables the production of bills and the creation of an energy balance according to the regulator’s requirements
  • Too Good To Be True – a mobile application for personal energy efficiency that enables daily monitoring of electricity consumption

We have gained experience installing over 80 smart metering projects in the last twenty years, including hybrid and cellular-based communication networks and meters compliant with European international standard. The systems we have developed are currently installed in kibbutzim, industry, campuses and hospitals. 

Our systems are tailored to the needs of our different customers:
Kibbutzim – Our system is the only one in Israel adapted to the kibbutz sector.
  • The Internet-based management system is simple to operate and meets all the Electricity Authority’s requirements.
  • The system addresses a variety of requirements: different types of consumers, customers with double identification – budget and pricing, reduced or split meters and also provides an energy balance for complex solar systems, net system and tariff systems. All this without the need to upgrade or replace the existing metering systems.
Private MicroGrid (such as municipalities, universities and commercial complexes):
  • Proper energy management allows for a uniform front with private electricity producers and maximizes the authority’s electricity tariff.
  • Upgrade or replacement of existing metering systems.
  • Adding lighting management systems based on the light fixture or a local lighting switchboard.
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